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The Million Women study was set up in collaboration with the NHS Breast Screening Programme in 1996.

The study is coordinated by experienced researchers based in Oxford and is a collaborative project between Cancer Research UK and the National Health Service, with additional funding from the Medical Research Council and the Health and Safety Executive.

Thank you to the 1.3 million women in the UK who have given their time and energy to fill in detailed questionnaires about their health over 20 years. The contribution of staff at the collaborating NHS Breast Screening Centres involved in the recruitment and breast screening for the study, and at General Practices throughout the UK who collected blood samples for The Disease Susceptibility Study is also gratefully acknowledged.

Contact us

We welcome comments and suggestions. Please write to:

The Million Women Study Co-ordinating Centre
Cancer Epidemiology Unit
Richard Doll Building
Roosevelt Drive
Oxford OX3 7LF
United Kingdom

Tel: Freephone 0800 262872

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