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Wenji Guo

Wenji Guo

Research groups

Wenji Guo

DPhil Student

Dissertation title: Body size and composition, physical activity, and dietary factors in breast cancer risk

College (Year of matriculation): St. Edmund Hall (2013)

Supervisors: Professor Tim Key, Professor Gill Reeves, Dame Professor Valerie Beral

Wenji Guo is a DPhil student and Fulbright and Clarendon scholar based in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit. Her thesis focuses on the relationships between breast cancer risk and modifiable lifestyle factors including body size and composition, physical activity, and diet in the UK Biobank. Prior to her DPhil, Wenji studied biology, first examining the trafficking and formation of gap junction proteins and then the mechanisms of iron's effect on prostate cancer cell invasion. She will be studying medicine in the future with the ultimate goal of utilising these complementary biological, clinical, and epidemiological skill sets to study and treat complex conditions using innovative, multidisciplinary approaches. Wenji serves on the Associate Member Council of American Association for Cancer Research where she develops professional advancement programming and resources to help early-career researchers navigate both the opportunities and challenges of cancer research.