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Strengths and weaknesses of dosimetry used in studies of low-dose radiation exposure and cancer

Journal article

Daniels RD. et al, (2020), Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Author's Reply


PAPIER K. et al, (2019), The Lancet

Alcohol intake and Parkinson's disease risk in the million women study.

Journal article

Kim IY. et al, (2019), Mov Disord

Merkel cell carcinoma with divergent differentiation

Journal article

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Mitochondrial DNA copy number variation and pancreatic cancer risk in the prospective EPIC cohort

Journal article

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Dietary intake of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and changes in body weight in European adults

Journal article

Cordova R. et al, (2019), European Journal of Nutrition

Association of circulating vitamin D with colorectal cancer depends on vitamin D-binding protein isoforms: A pooled nested case-control study

Journal article

PEREZ-CORNAGO A., (2019), Journal of the National Cancer Institute Cancer Spectrum

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