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We are inviting women with a personal experience of breast cancer, or women who have an interest in breast cancer, to help us develop a new study. We aim to create a dynamic and inclusive group. We are inviting women aged 25 years or older living in the UK and from African, Caribbean, Indian and Pakistani backgrounds to join.

Lots of raised hands

What is the study about?

The study aims to answer important questions about ethnicity and breast cancer. It is funded by Cancer Research UK and led by researchers at Oxford University. The study will investigate:

  • why women of African, Caribbean, Indian and Pakistani backgrounds are less likely to get breast cancer but more likely to have more aggressive forms of the disease when they do
  • how different risk factors vary in women from different ethnic groups, and what influence they have on the risk of getting breast cancer and the type of breast cancer diagnosed.

The results will tell us how current breast cancer polices could be informed, and where more research might be needed.

what will i do as a memberof the ppi group?

  • attend in-person or online meetings and take part in discussions that shape how the research is designed (reasonable expenses covered)
  • help us to design ways of sharing information about the study with communities
  • co-design documents/resources to ensure information is clear and accessible.

Why should I take part in the PPI group?

  • people with a lived experience of cancer have a unique and valuable viewpoint 
  • to help make sure research looks at issues important to you and your community
  • you will be part of a supportive PPI community, with access to support and training.

learn more

If you are interested or want to find out more email