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The Endogenous Hormones, Nutritional Biomarkers and Prostate Cancer Collaborative Group (EHNBPCCG) conducts pooled analyses of the relationships between endogenous sex hormones, insulin-like growth factors, nutritional biomarkers and subsequent prostate cancer risk.

For most biomarkers, there is sufficient statistical power to analyse the associations subdivided by tumour subtypes, disease aggressiveness and other patient characteristics, which cannot be done in any one individual cohort study. The group was established in 2004 with its secretariat in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit. 

Scientists from 39 studies worldwide are collaborating in this work. So far the project has collected data from around 36,000 men with prostate cancer and over 56,000 control men for more than 50 biomarkers. This collaborative group has published highly cited research on the association of prostate cancer risk with circulating levels of sex hormones, IGFs, testosterone, isoflavones, vitamin D, carotenoids and tocopherols, fatty acids, folate and vitamin B12 and selenium, with analyses of other biomarkers underway.

The EHNBPCCG is co-directed by Professor Naomi Allen and Professor Ruth Travis. The group first met in July 2005 and subsequently in 2012 and 2018.












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