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Rupert Alison

Data Analyst

Naomi Allen

Professor in Epidemiology

Krys Baker

Research Co-ordinator

Angela Balkwill

Statistical Programmer

Isobel Barnes

Associate Professor

Valerie Beral

Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology

Roger Blanks

Senior Epidemiologist

Anna Brown

Senior Analyst Programmer

Yashvee Dunneram

Postdoctoral Epidemiologist

Georgina Fensom

Medical Statistician

Sarah Floud

University Research Lecturer and Senior Epidemiologist

Kezia Gaitskell

Honorary Visiting Research Fellow

Toral Gathani

Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Clinical Epidemiology and Consultant Surgeon

Adrian Goodill

Database Programmer

Carol Hermon

Senior Statistician/Analyst

Gerry Kendall

Academic Visitor

Tim Key

Professor of Epidemiology & Deputy Director, CEU

Urwah Noor

Medical Statistician

Keren Papier

Nutritional Epidemiologist

Julietta Patnick

Visiting Professor, Cancer Screening

Aurora Pérez-Cornago

University Research Lecturer and Senior Nutritional Epidemiologist

Richard Peto

Emeritus Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology

Kirstin Pirie

Statistical Programmer

Zoe Pollard

Research Administrative Assistant

Gill Reeves

Professor of Statistical Epidemiology and Director, CEU

Keith Shaw

Senior Systems Analyst / Database Administrator

Siân Sweetland

Senior Statistical Epidemiologist

Sandar Tin Tin

Girdlers’ New Zealand HRC Fellow

Tammy Tong

Nutritional Epidemiologist

Ruth Travis

Associate Professor and Senior Molecular Epidemiologist

Angel Wong

Early Career Research Fellow

Clare Wotton


Owen Yang


Heather Young

Systems Developer/Co-ordinator