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Tammy Tong

BSc, MPhil, PhD

Nutritional Epidemiologist

Tammy Tong joined the Cancer Epidemiology Unit in January 2017. Her main research interest is the role of diet in health, with a particular focus on cardiovascular outcomes. Tammy’s research at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit has been on the health effects of vegetarian and vegan diets, including cardiovascular and bone health, using data from EPIC-Oxford and the UK Biobank. She began an NDPH Intermediate Fellowship in 2021, to lead research in the Dietary Protein and Stroke Consortium

Prior to joining the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Tammy received her PhD in Nutritional Epidemiology from the University of Cambridge, for which she examined the applicability of the Mediterranean diet in a UK context and its association with cardio-metabolic diseases. She also holds a BSc in Human Sciences (University College London) and an MPhil in Epidemiology (University of Cambridge).