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Kezia Gaitskell

BM BCh MA (Oxon) MSc DPhil

Honorary Visiting Research Fellow

Kezia Gaitskell joined the Cancer Epidemiology Unit in 2013, and studied for a DPhil as part of the Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre’s Clinical Research Fellowship programme. Prior to coming to the Unit, she studied medicine at Oxford, trained as a histopathology registrar in London, and completed an MSc in Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Her main research interest is in the interface between histopathology and epidemiology. For her DPhil, she explored epidemiological risk factors for ovarian cancer in the Million Women Study cohort, and how this varies by histological subtype. For her postdoctoral research, she continues to investigate variation in risk factors for different histological types of cancer.

She is an NIHR-funded Academic Clinical Lecturer in Histopathology in the Nuffield Division of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, and an Honorary Registrar in Histopathology.

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