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Keren Papier


Nutritional Epidemiologist

Keren Papier is a Nutritional Epidemiologist whose research examines the role of modifiable risk factors (diet, lifestyle) in chronic disease epidemiology in different population groups. She has a particular interest in cardio-metabolic diseases and in assessing unique risk factors affecting vulnerable population groups. Her international research settings include: Thailand, Philippines, Australia, and the UK.

Keren’s current research with the LEAP Project (Livestock, Environment and People) examines the relationship between animal sourced foods (particularly meat and dairy) and health outcomes. To do this, Keren is using large-scale prospective cohort data from EPIC-Oxford, UK Biobank and the Million Women Study.

Before joining the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Keren received her PhD in Epidemiology from the Australian National University, for which she assessed the incidence and risk factors of emerging type 2 diabetes mellitus in Thailand. She also holds a Bachelor of Public Health Nutrition (Honours I) from Griffith University. 

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