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BACKGROUND: Short or long sleep duration has been associated with some major chronic diseases, but whether disease-related blood biomarkers vary according to habitual sleep duration is unclear. This cross-sectional study aimed to assess blood biomarker levels in relation to total sleep duration. METHODS: The analysis includes 459,796 white British adults aged 40-69 during 2006-2010 in UK Biobank. At recruitment, blood samples and self-reported information on total sleep duration were collected from participants. A panel of blood biomarkers were measured. Using linear regression, we estimated geometric mean concentrations of blood biomarkers and mean ratio of ApoB/ApoA1 by sleep duration adjusted for sex, age at data collection, time of blood collection, and lifestyle covariates. RESULTS: Percentage differences in the concentrations of most biomarkers by sleep duration were modest. The largest differences were for C-reactive protein (CRP, an inflammatory biomarker) and gamma glutamyltransferase (GGT, a liver function biomarker), and the differences were markedly attenuated after multivariable-adjustment. The multivariable-adjusted geometric means of CRP and of GGT were 14% and 14% higher in <6 h vs 7-8 h of sleep; and 22% and 12% higher in >9 h vs 7-8 h of sleep, respectively. CONCLUSION: In white British adults, most blood biomarker levels varied only modestly with sleep duration and the remaining associations may be due to residual confounding.

Original publication




Journal article


Sleep Med

Publication Date





256 - 261


Blood biomarkers, C-reactive protein, Gamma glutamyltransferase, Sleep duration, UK Biobank