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Alcohol intake and Parkinson's disease risk in the million women study.

Journal article

Kim IY. et al, (2019), Mov Disord

Adult cancer risk in women who were breastfed as infants: large UK prospective study.

Journal article

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Cohort Profile: the Million Women Study.

Journal article

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Alcohol drinking patterns and liver cirrhosis risk: analysis of the prospective UK Million Women Study.

Journal article

Simpson RF. et al, (2019), Lancet Public Health, 4, e41 - e48

Ethnicity and the tumour characteristics of breast cancer in a large nationally representative sample of women in England

Conference paper

Gathani T. et al, (2018), BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER, 119, 18 - 18

Pre-diagnostic BMI and ovarian cancer survival in the Million Women Study


Gaitskell K. et al, (2018), BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER, 119, 32 - 33

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