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Mitochondrial DNA copy number variation and pancreatic cancer risk in the prospective EPIC cohort

Journal article

SCHMIDT J., (2019), Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention

Prospective analysis of circulating metabolites and breast cancer in EPIC.

Journal article

His M. et al, (2019), BMC Med, 17

Association Between Soft Drink Consumption and Mortality in 10 European Countries.

Journal article

Mullee A. et al, (2019), JAMA Intern Med

Adipokines and inflammation markers and risk of differentiated thyroid carcinoma: The EPIC study.

Journal article

Dossus L. et al, (2018), Int J Cancer, 142, 1332 - 1342

Blood Metabolic Signatures of Body Mass Index: A Targeted Metabolomics Study in the EPIC Cohort.

Journal article

Carayol M. et al, (2017), J Proteome Res, 16, 3137 - 3146

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