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Web based questionnaires

Oxford WebQ

We have developed an online dietary questionnaire, the Oxford WebQ, which asks participants in epidemiological studies about what they had to eat and drink the previous day. This has already been used in the UK Biobank, the Million Women Study, and several smaller studies.

The Oxford WebQ is a web-based 24 hour dietary assessment tool developed for repeated administration in large prospective studies. Its performance has so far been evaluated by comparison with an interviewer-administered 24 hour dietary recall on the same day, and further evaluations are underway: a collaboration with Public Health England will compare Oxford WebQ reports(?) with dietary estimates in the National Diet and Nutrition Survey; and with colleagues at the University of Leeds and Imperial College we will compare performance  with reference methods including biomarkers and with another online questionnaire (MyFood24).

The WebQ is self-administered and in our evaluation took a median of 12·5 minutes to self-complete. Nutrients are estimated automatically. Thus the Oxford WebQ is a low-cost method for measuring dietary intake in large-scale studies. Please email if you would like to get in touch with us about the diet questionnaire.